EDGE Sales Simulation

The EDGE Sales Simulation is spread across three intense training days — a half-day intro, then a full day, and a final half-day. This exciting program combines real-world pressure and chaos with risk-free practice to increase sales performance. On one hand we need a safe environment to learn, but on the other hand selling is tough and we need pressure to perform our best. Pure, on-the-job learning can prove to be too risky and pure classroom learning often lacks real-world context.

The EDGE sales simulation provides the best of both worlds, giving salespeople the immersive environment to not only build their foundation, but to practice the skills through a competitive, elite training experience leading to direct, on-the-job performance improvements. Get ready for the adrenaline. Get ready to win.

qa-icon75   Answer these questions to see if this program is for you:

  1. Do your sales team members have the tools they need to perform extremely well under pressure?
  2. Do you suspect your salespeople have skill gaps that are not easily identified, but need addressing?
  3. Have you been successful in finding cutting edge training that is so realistic that it can have an immediate, positive effect on the way your sales team works?

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, this is the program for you!