Inside Selling Skills


2daySelling over the phone is very different from selling face-to-face. Our Inside Sales Program recognizes this and provides a sales process customized to the inside sales teams of our customers.

This two-day program will provide an actual sales process based on the type of calls the inside sales team is involved in making on a daily basis. From the first call to the tenth call, there has to be a purpose to each call, so pre-call planning is critical for making sure the team is providing “value” with each call instead of just calling to “check-in”. Our goal is to help create a pro-active, versus a reactive, sales culture with a consultative approach. This program will provide scripting, properly framed questions, and ways to present over the phone and overcome objections. It will also cover using email as a sales tool and not a hide behind, and incorporate role-play.

qa-icon75   Answer these questions to see if this program is for you:

  1. Are your inside sales team members successfully gaining access to the right person?
  2. Are they staying in control of the sale?
  3. Do they gain a “next step” (date and time) in order to speak again?
  4. Do team members provide added value each time they talk to the customer or do they just “check-in?”
  5. Are they differentiating themselves in order to gain momentum against the competition?

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, this is the program for you!

happy-client75  Example of Satisfied Clients:

  • Hospira
  • Hyatt Corporation
  • Rogan Corporation
  • ARI
  • Block and Company