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Creative Training Solutions (CTS) is a unique training company dedicated to helping salespeople understand that sales is not about selling a product or service. Sales is about helping people achieve what they are trying to accomplish. CTS uses dynamic, interactive, face-to-face training workshops to help sales teams implement and sustain measurable improvements in the most critical aspects of sales. Our workshops are custom tailored to our customers’ everyday sales environments and are supported by follow-through to ensure successful implementation and accountability.

CTS’s training techniques are proven and consistent. We strive to make sure the techniques that are taught are understood and implemented. CTS offers you many advantages:

  • Starting from getting in the door to providing solutions for a major account, CTS offers a solution to each aspect of the sales process. Companies learn how to stay in control of the sale and make the best use of establishing a common language within the sales force from management to representatives.
  • Over twenty years of sales training experience.
  • Skill-based programs from real world experience, not just theory. Our pragmatic approach does not require extensive analysis.
  • Unique follow through options to sustain accountability.