Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Robin Farrell, Senior Director of Sales Training

"It is my honor and pleasure to endorse Stacia Skinner and Creative Training Solutions!  CTS has become an integral part of the sales culture of Hyatt Hotels and has helped hundreds of our sales professionals not only improve their technical sales and prospecting skills, but those all important soft skills (Networking and Business Etiquette) that are severely lacking in many of our less tenured associates.   While the curriculum is outstanding, it is Stacia and her dedication to excellence that makes the difference in our training.  She’s engaging, while challenging the attendees to do their best and offers constructive criticism in a caring way that is uplifting and well received by all.  My favorite aspect of our partnership has been the level of customization and retention tools that we were able to co-create.   I know that these tools will be part of our regular curriculum for years to come and will contribute to the continued success of our sales organization."


Shari Saeger, Inside Sales Manager

“As part of my team development initiatives, I hired Stacia Skinner from Creative Training Solutions to help me develop a high performance Inside Sales Team. Her expertise of Telephone Selling Skills and Opportunity Management helped propel my sales team to produce 18% more sales in the first year and 60% more in the second year! Stacia listened to my needs and really took the time to understand what I was trying to accomplish. She made learning fun, interactive and collaborative. Stacia worked with me as a partner, not a vendor, to drive sales for ARI and I would use her again in a heartbeat, given the opportunity.”

Sente Mortgage/NMLS

Laura Comstock, Director of Training

“Stacia and I have worked together through several key Initiatives with her providing invaluable insight to ensure we moved towards our strategic business goals. She is very passionate about sales and created programs that integrated with our organizational culture. I have worked closely with her on launching several projects and she consistently exceeds my expectations and continually follows-up offering her expertise as needed. I would recommend her as a true partner who measures her success through the success of her clients.”

Dura-Bar Metal Services

Art Berman, VP & General Manager

“Stacia Skinner is the most energetic and enthusiastic sales trainer I have ever seen. Her energy level is just as high at 3:30 in the afternoon as it is at 8:30 in the morning! During training sessions, specific and relative sales situations are discussed with training participants, and that keeps everyone engaged and learning. She appropriately blends humor with a no-nonsense approach to achieving success. The content of her material is hands-on and can be put to use immediately. Stacia's training helped our company gain new business, manage our time wisely and put a system in place which allows us to identify the progress we are making toward realizing our goals. I have used Stacia Skinner's sales training services for several years, plan to utilize her training in the future and highly recommend her sales training programs.”

The Joint Commission

Gina Zimmermann - Executive Director, Nursing Care Center Accreditation Director, Business Development Training

“As Director for Business Development Training at The Joint Commission, I began working with Stacia Skinner and Creative Training Solutions in 2013.  Stacia really listened to our needs and developed a sales training program that was highly customized to our unique environment. Stacia brought us a wealth of experience in an engaging, enlightening and high-energy way, and she quickly developed credibility with our diverse team.  An important feature that Stacia and Creative Training Solutions brings to The Joint Commission is ongoing reinforcement following our classroom training events, which truly enables us to maximize the value of our training efforts.  In addition, Stacia has helped to align the sales process with our Salesforce.com CRM platform, which further embeds the selling concepts and methodologies within our business process.”

Six Flags Entertainment

Debbi Stuart, Corporate Director of Sales

"Stacia Skinner from Creative Training Solutions, Ltd. has been actively working with our parks for well over 14 years.  Her leadership and training skills have helped shaped our sales reps of 110 individuals and inspired them to prospect through telemarketing, email campaigns and of course direct sales presentations.  I have worked with her over the years to develop a customized plan not only for our sales reps but our managers and trainers as well so that we can carry the process throughout the entire year.  Our reps this year increased their up-selling goals by 6% which is unheard of in this economy.  She helped them gain knowledge and tactics to increase our per caps while driving up the attendance.  It’s truly about being prepared, organized and having that next step."

Educational Alliances Center

Teresa G. Logue, Vice President

"Stacia has been working with our Educational Alliances Center over the past year to develop account management and sales training. Given the start-up nature of our efforts, it was critical that we choose an expert who could come in and help us build a strong foundation for long-term success. Stacia has done a wonderful job working with my sales leaders to understand our business and tailor her training to our needs. Her energy, passion and experiences are highly valuable, as is her ability to relate to our diverse team.

We have utilized her Prospect Management framework to help guide all of our efforts, specifically focusing on driving a disciplined, measurable approach to our daily efforts. We've also utilized her Major Account training to identify strategic opportunities. Through the investment in CTS, we are building a sustainable, effective sales process and team of committed, successful sales professionals."

Highland Bank

Jay Hammond, President

"Stacia Skinner and Creative Training Solutions have played an integral role in helping Highland Bank to address its strategic initiative of “building a collaborative sales culture that embodies knowledge through continuous learning.” Stacia’s material is practical, relevant and attention-getting, and provides ample opportunity for team members to practice those skills, both through in-class role play exercises, and through ongoing out-of-class assignments in which participants bring what they’ve learned to their real-world customers and prospects.

Training materials aside, Stacia brings a level of enthusiasm, energy, and confidence to the training that keeps participants engaged and attentive throughout the day.  Perhaps my highest endorsement for Stacia is that she was able to connect with and earn the respect of all participants in the training, from those that have just begun their careers, to thirty year veterans that felt, at least before the training, that they had nothing more to learn.

I would highly endorse Stacia and Creative Training Solutions as a practical, relevant, and fun method of enhancing any team’s real-world sales performance."