Reinforcement Options


In order to keep up the momentum and instill new habits, reinforcement is a critical component of any successful training. CTS’s reinforcement options increase accountability and allow for adjustments to be made to the specific skills and techniques the Managers and team members embraced in the original training. This helps Managers and their teams accelerate their success rate using their newfound skills.

Two business colleagues having a video conference on laptop

Follow-Through Conference Calls

These calls are designed to fine-tune the procedures put into place after an initial training. Accountability on the part of management and team members is checked and implementation questions are answered.



In addition to conference calls, one-hour webinars are offered to increase the
sustainability of techniques learned in the in-person trainings. Quizzes are included.

Young businessmen at meeting in office

Field Audits

Half-day on-site sessions can be conducted which include troubleshooting, individual coaching and sales simulation to encourage valuable practice in the everyday sales environment.

Ride Alongs

Intensive one-on-one coaching sessions can be arranged for inside or outside sales team members.